As METU International Students Office, we are following the COVID-19 developments and cautions at the institutional, national and global levels. We are aware that these cautions may affect the international student application and admission calendar, such as the recent cancelation of the May 2 SAT by the College Board. Solutions such as the extension of the application deadline or opening a second round of applications in August 2020 can be considered. Once METU's official decision is taken, we will announce it on our webpage. 

Update-1: Important announcement for the A-level applicants

Update-2: CollegeBoard has announced that the closest SAT test will be on the 29th of August. The current METU academic calendar for the 2020-2021 fall semester specifies the start date of the classes as the 21st of September. Considering these two dates, for the moment, it seems that a second round of applications in September for the late-SAT takers is not possible and feasible. However, there is a possibility that the METU academic calendar can be amended, which may make the second round of applications possible. As the International Students Office, we are following the developments at the international and institutional levels. We will keep updating this page.

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27/04/2020 - 11:47