International student applications for undergraduate programs offered at METU Ankara campus for the 2023-2024 academic year will be received between July 3-14, 2023. Please see our 5-step application guide for the details of the application:

*Attention to the GCE A-level applicants: Due to the incompatibility between the METU application calendar and the announcement date of the 2023 GCE A-level results, students who will use their GCE A-level results in the application will be conditionally evaluated on the basis of their AS-level results and their predicted A-level results. At the end of the evaluation period (by the end of July), these students will receive information about the conditions set for their program preferences (i.e. what final A-level results they should get). In mid-August, when the final A-level results are announced, students will present their score sheets to the International Students Office. In case they satisfy the condition set for one of their program preferences, METU will present the finalized admission letter to the applicant.

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