Warning: If students cannot provide a score/result satisfying the application requirements, they will not be registered even if they get admitted.

  • As stated in the “Application Evaluation” section, during the evaluation process, besides the applicant’s exam results, other measurements such as a high-school CGPA, are taken into consideration. As it is known, there are limited quotas, but the number of applications is higher than these quotas. Consequently, the most successful applicants are placed in the programs.
  • The first thing you are supposed to do is to visit the application program (https://oibs2.metu.edu.tr/Application_for_International_Students_to_Unde...), login with your username and password, and then find the “Confirmation Process” link on the left frame and confirm your admission. Please remember that “confirming your application” means that you will register to the program that you have been admitted to. If you do not do that, we will assume that you will not show up to the registrations. 
  • University registrations will be held online via https://iso.metu.edu.tr/en/registration-form-2022-2023 . The form will become active at 09:00 am (Turkish time) on the 29th of August, 2022. The documents required in the registration are also listed on the same page. 
  • Fall semester classes will start on the 3rd of October 2022.
  • Please make sure that you check your inboxes (and spam folders) daily not to miss the informative e-mails from our office.

Attention to admitted SUNY students! Tuition fees for SUNY programs differ from those of the other programs. Please visit http://suny.metu.edu.tr/ for detailed information.