Applications to Undergraduate Programs for international students are made online. It is not necessary to send any hard copy documents to apply.

Before using the application program, you first need to have a valid, personal e-mail address. (Please AVOID Hotmail, live, outlook e-mail addresses). METU students who wish to re-apply cannot use their METU addresses but need a different one. You will use this e-mail address to enter the online application program and your password for the application program will be sent to this e-mail address. You will need to use this password each time you enter the program; therefore, please save this e-mail.

The application program will be available here between application dates.

The application form consists of several parts. Each part can be reached by clicking on the link provided. The application form will be filled in online and the required documents will be uploaded.  

Completing the application means accepting the fact that the information provided is correct and accurate. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all the documents are complete. Any application with missing documents will not be evaluated. Applications that do not meet the minimum application criteria will not be evaluated.

Please do not forget to freeze your application once you finish filling in it! Applications that are not frozen will not be evaluated.