In order to complete your application, scan each of the mandatory documents listed below and upload these documents to the online application form in pdf or jpg formats (max. 1.5 mb for each file). If the original document is not in Turkish or English, an official translation should also be added. Translation of the documents are not required for the optional documents given below. If the applicant is admitted to the program, the original copies of all the documents will need to be submitted during registration. It is the applicants' responsibility to upload thedocuments correctly and accurately, without any incorrect or missing information.

A. Mandatory documents for all applicants 

  1. A portrait photo
  2. Official Identification Document (Applicants holding a passport need to upload the ID page of their passports. Other applicants can upload a copy of their national identification card instead of passport)
  3. High school diploma/Transitory graduation certificate (The original high school diploma needs to be uploaded. Those who have not yet received their diploma need to upload an official letter -Transitory Graduation Certificate- taken from their high school stating the expected graduation date and the expected CGPA. An Equivalence Letter from the Ministry of Education of Türkiye or from Turkish Embassies which certify that the diploma is equivalent to a Turkish High School Diploma is not required for the application. This document will be required during registration if the applicant receives admission)
  4. Transcript showing all the grades throughout high school education (Applicants should submit an official transcript that shows the all courses and grades taken throughout high school)
  5. A copy of the primary exam/diploma that will be used in the application (The exam/diploma result to be used in the application -SAT, A-levels, International Baccalaureate, TRYÖS etc.- needs to be uploaded. Only the exams/diplomas listed at the "Application Requirements" section are accepted. It is not possible to apply using any other exam/diploma results. An applicant needs to have the minimum acceptable score in order to complete the application.)
  6. Application fee (a 55 USD fee will be paid in Turkish liras through the online application system.)

B. Mandatory documents for some applicants depending on the individual case

  1. Enty-exit document taken from e-devlet portal (only for those Turkish citizens who received high school education outside of Türkiye)
  2. Blue Card (only for those who renounced their Turkish citizenship)
  3. Document showing your occupations/activities after your high school graduation (only for those who graduated from the high school more than one year ago)
  4. Document showing that the medium of instruction at your high school was English (only for those who studied at a high school where the medium of instruction was English)

C. Optional documents (To be uploaded to the "Additional Certificates" section of the application program. Details:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Language exam results (A document showing your proficiency in a foreign language such as English, Turkish or any other language)
  3. Academic exams other than the one you present as your primary application document (such as TRYÖS, YÖS, TQDK, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, national exams etc.)
  4. Reference letter(s)
  5. Statement of purpose
  6. A portfolio that shows your previous works related to the program that you want to study
  7. Certificates that shows your previous activities and trainings related to the program that you want to study
  8. Extracurricular activities (sports, arts etc.)
  9. Documents showing some other special circumstances like disabilities, illnesses or financial situation.