In the applications to the undergraduate programs offered at METU Ankara Campus as an international student, you should satisfy at least one of the minimum application criteria listed here: The exam/diploma you present as the primary application document will be the main evaluation criterion for your application. However, please remember that you will be competing with thousands of other applicants from all around the world and this competition is for limited seats. Therefore, you need to find ways to distinguish yourself from other applicants. 

Accordingly, we would like to inform the prospective students that, as METU, we are applying a holistic approach in the admission process. A holistic evaluation of your application means that -along with your primary application document- some additional documents could enrich your application and increase your chance of acceptance. The application portal includes an additional documents section. Although additional documents section of our application program is not mandatory to fill, we would like to express that documents and information you may provide here will help us to evaluate your application from a broader scale of qualities and get to know you better. A holistic evaluation of your application will prevent us from evaluating you only on your test scores and grades, and will allow us to see your tendencies, personality, wishes and skills related to the fields you apply for. How willing, prepared, qualified and suitable you are to be a member of an international university matters as much as your test scores.

What could be these additional certificates? The following list presents some examples:

  • Language exam scores (not necessarily for English language and not necessarily TOEFL, IELTS, PTE etc. You may upload other exams results and documents that prove your proficiency in any foreign language)
  • Academic exams other than the one you present as your primary application document (such as TRYÖS, YÖS, TQDK, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, national exams etc.)
  • Writing sample (a sample essay that you submitted for one of your high school course)
  • Reference letters (especially from related high school teachers)
  • A statement of purpose (that explains why you want to study at METU and why you want to study that specific major)
  • A portfolio that shows your previous works (especially if you are applying for majors like Architecture)
  • Certificates that shows your prior interest in the major that you would like to study at METU (Participation in Model United Nations activities, taking online courses through portals like Coursera, internships etc.)
  • Proofs showing that you have participated in community service and civil society organizations
  • Extracurricular activities (sports, arts etc.)
  • Documents showing some other special circumstances like disabilities, illnesses or financial situation

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02/06/2024 - 11:06