The tuition fee amounts below are for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.


Tuition fee amounts per semester

Faculty of Engineering

1.662 TL

Faculty of Architecture

1.662 TL

Faculty of Arts and Science (Science Prog.)

1.393 TL

Faculty of Arts and Science (Arts Prog.)

1045 TL

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science

1.256 TL

Faculty of Education

1.116 TL

English Language Teaching (ODTÜ- SUNY IJDP) *

4.464 TL

Business Administration (SUNY University of Binghamton) * 

5.020 TL

English Language Teaching  (SUNY University of New Paltz) *

5.020 TL

Graduate Programs

835 TL

* Please visit for detailed fees of the joint programs with SUNY. 

Students who enroll in the university starting from the 2020-2021 Academic Year are going to make raised pays if they exceed their normal duration of study. Raised tuitions are stated below:

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

(for those who are in their 9th semester or above)

2.492 TL

Faculty of Arts and Science (Science Prog.)

(for those who are in their 9th semester or above)

2.069 TL

Faculty of Arts and Science (Arts Prog.)

(for those who are in their 9th semester or above)

1.568 TL

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science

(for those who are in their 9th semester or above)

1.883 TL

Faculty of Education
(PHED and CHED: for those who are in their 11th semester or above

(Other programs: for those who are in their 9th semester or above)

1.674 TL


General Information

  • The tuition fee payments are determined by Article 46 of the Higher Education Council decision number 2547, which can be found at the following link:
  • Those who are obliged to pay tuition fees make their payment at the beginning of the related semester to be eligible for registration and renew registration.
  • Those who did not make the tuition fee payments, and did not consider on leave by the administrative board of the University cannot complete the registration process and avail students' rights.
  • Those who did not renew the registration can complete the registration for the paid semester and do not have to make payment for the non-registered semester.
  • The actual semester is considered for payments. The probation semester is not considered.
  • The registration program controls tuition fee payment.
  • The tuition fee procedures are carried out by the Tuition Fee Office (Arts and Science Dean's Building, 2nd floor). For any problem regarding tuition fee payments, students should visit the tuition fee office.


  • Payments are made at the banks' online tuition fee payment accounts stated on Bank Account Numbers. When paying tuition, students should state their ID numbers and have their ID numbers printed on the receipt.
  • In the cases of tuition fee refund with an excuse, the students are obliged to keep their bank receipts.
  • The data exchange between banks and the university is online concerning tuition payment. The payment information is reflected in the registration program when made at the banks.
  • The interactive registration program controls the tuition payment of the students who are obliged to make the payment.
  • The tuition payment for evening graduate programs without thesis is calculated on a credit basis. Thus, total payment control is made according to the number of credits that the course requires. Payment for a non-credit course is made as it is a 2-credit course (except for Graduate Seminar, Term Project, and Special/Advanced Studies).
  • Tuition payment control can be made on program no 61 available here:

Tuition Fee Exemptions

Please note that the following groups of students are exempted from tuition fee payments as long as they are within their regular period of study:

  • Students with the Republic of Turkey or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus nationality
  • Students with Syrian nationality
  • Students with a scholarship from their country of origin or another institution
  • Undergraduate students who have graduated from the high schools listed in this link

Tuition Fee Refund

Refund due to course status (not offered/closed)

The tuition paid for courses that are not opened or closed due to an insufficient number of registered students is refunded on the condition that the student applies before the "Tuition refund application deadline" announced by the university.

Refund of students who withdraw on their own will

There is no tuition refund for the students who withdraw their registration on their own will.

Refund Procedures

For the tuition fee refund, students should fill the online application form on the student portal (, print it out and submit it to the Tuition Fee Office (Art and Science Dean's Building, 2nd floor) together with the original payment receipt until the deadline stated in the academic calendar.