Welcome to the International Students Office (ISO) at the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ). ISO is the specifically designed office on campus to provide first-hand assistance to the prospective and continuing international students from over 85 different countries.

For Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), the presence of international students is utmost important as they are the essential and valuable part of the life in the university. As ODTÜ, we have a rich and long tradition of welcoming international visitors from all around the world as we have over 2000 full-time international students and annually receive 2000+ applications to the undergraduate programs offered by our departments.

ISO staff is familiar with and well-experienced in the challenges of living and studying in Turkey and specifically in Ankara. They provide counseling to the thousands of international students both during their application process and after they get enrolled to the university.

Whether you are a prospective student who is willing to become a member of the ODTÜ family or a continuing student of ODTÜ, we encourage you to take a moment and explore the ISO website as it provides comprehensive information on the admission procedure and other practical information that is most common to international students. If you cannot find the answer to your questions on our website, you are always welcome to contact with us or to come to our office at any time we can be of assistance. Best wishes for a successful and productive year ahead.