Every foreign resident, just like any Turkish citizen, has an identity number issued by the Turkish authorities. This number is also used in METU’s Student Affairs Information System (SAIS). METU SAIS requires this number when

  1. you request to learn your grades at the end of the semester,
  2. you request a student certificate,
  3. you graduate.

In other words, students who do not have this number will not be able to learn their grades, get student certificates or graduate. For this reason, those who have not submitted their Foreign National Identity numbers previously, need to submit the number to the International Students' advisors who is responsible (see for a list of advisors of Registrar’s Office, http://oidb.metu.edu.tr/en/personnel-contact-information).

Foreign national identity number is written on your residence permit card. Alternatively, you can search it from https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/.

WARNING: Those who want to benefit from the General Health Insurance services must apply immediately after getting the foreign national id number.