Cost of living in Turkey and at ODTÜ depends on your lifestyle and shopping preferences like in many other destinations. Below table shows the approximate prices of some basic items and services as of June 2018.

Course books for one level at English Preparatory Program 80 
Black and white photopcopy of 100 pages 10-15 
Notebook 10-15 
Bread (200 gr)
Feta Cheese (1 kg) 15-25 
Still water (1,5 L) 1,5 
White Sugar (1 kg)
A package of spaghetti (0,5 kg) 2-4 
A whole chicken (1 kg) 10 
A dozen of eggs
Veal (1 kg) 45-60 
Olive Oil (1 L) 30-40 
Coke (250 ml)
Apple (1 kg) 5
A cup of coffee 5-10 
Burger menu in a fast-food restaurant 20 
MeaL at an inexpensive restraurant 20 
Lunch at university cafetaria (fix menu)
Turkish bagel at faculty canteens
A cup of tea at faculty canteens 0,60 
Sandwich at faculty canteens 3-5 
Lunch at faculty canteens 7-10 
In-campus dormitories 175-1868 
House rent in university neigbourhood for 3 students 1200 
Double-room in ODTÜ Guesthouse  (one night) 145 
Bus/Subway Ticket for students 1,75 
Dolmuş (Minibus) 2,75 
Taxi (5 km) 20 
Autostop in ODTÜ campus and Shuttles Free
Ankara-İstanbul Bus Ticket (one-way) 80 
Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Train Ticket  75 
Ankara-Antalya Flight Ticket (min.) 150 
Movie ticket for students 10-15 
Theatre ticket for students (state theatre)
Concert of a local music band 25 
Concert of a popular music band 50-100 
A football match ticket in Ankara 20 
Fuel oil (1 L)
Mobile phone bill 30-100 
Health Insurance (by state-annually) 780 
Health Insurance (private-annually) 300-1000 

Current USD/TRY rates: