Yumnah Abbasi (Pakistan) - Social Sciences (GeTMa) - Masters

Being a student at METU's international joint program with a German university, I have observed a completely global culture. We study in a class with students from all over the world which have made our time at METU full of new and unique experiences. I believe that METU provides a platform to its students to grow academically, morally and socially. With the world and the needs of the community changing at an ever-increasing rate, METU aims to be open to change, to adapt, innovate and keep pace with the goals of the society, and the wider world. I am truly thankful to be a part of this outclass university.

 Resky Saputra (Indonesia) - Chemical Engineering - Graduated

METU as the best university in Türkiye is the place where you can find a multicultural environment of students from different countries. Being accepted at the METU bachelor's program of Chemical Engineering gave me the opportunity to explore my potential and fulfill my dreams as well. I found a very caring and homely environment at METU where the faculty staff and the people are exceptionally supportive. I am grateful to all my METU Professors as well as the other staff.

 Kinya Emily Thomas (Kenya) - International Relations - 3rd  Year 

Looking for a world-class institution that offers great exposure and promising career prospects? METU is the place. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.

 Abdul Rehman Habib (Kenya) - Chemical Engineering - Masters

Studying in METU offers access to a wide range of opportunities that are not only academic but helpful in day-to-day life. The wide range of nationals on the campus provides a unique taste of the different cultures of the world. The skills taught on the campus enable students to navigate the tough and competitive world outside. The state of the art infrastructure in the university is especially perfect for graduate students who wish to undertake their research in the numerous courses available at the campus. Definitely a top-quality campus.

 Bahaa Hamed (Palestine) - Environmental Engineering - 4th Year 

METU Ankara not only provides a high quality of education but also gives you the opportunity to interact with all nationalities and support you with long life experience, here your voice is heard, your thoughts do matter.... here YOU CAN make a difference!

Alak A.A. Abduljabar (Iraq) - Mining Engineering - 1st Year

METU is a huge campus offering high-quality education and numerous sports and arts facilities for its students. The two semesters that I've spent at METU so far taught me how to be an independent person and how to live on my own in a multicultural environment. Even though I encountered some communication problems due to my level of Turkish language, it has been a perfect opportunity for me to learn even more!

 Abdulmunaem Alaran (Syria) - Mining Engineering - 3rd Year

METU is a different place, once I enter the campus I feel that I am in a unique world that contains every reason for comfort. Despite the advanced level of teaching and hard homework, we enjoy working hard at such an amazing university.

 Penet Kokalari (Albania) - Political Science and Public Administration - Graduated

I found a very caring and homely environment. Living on an amazing campus is the best part of it. I lived 4 of the best years of my life. I know that ODTÜ will always be my second home.

 Abdulselam Hatib (Syria) - English Language Teaching - 1st Year 

METU is not just a classical university, it is a dream you can actually live, and it is a place where education is mixed with fun and determination with hope. Life at METU is the best experience one will ever have because here you can learn many new things, build your future and meet new people from all over the world.

 Naveed Naiemi (Afghanistan) - Civil Engineering - 4th Year

I love METU-Ankara because of its environment and the facilities it provides to the students. This is the university where one does not feel like being away from home.

 S.M.Shahid Hasan (Bangladesh) - Physics Education - 5th Year

METU is the best place to build your career. I am proud to be a METUAN. METU is more than a university

 Francisca Navas Morales (Ecuador) - Food Engineering - 4th Year 

What surprised me the most about METU is the people. Some days you will struggle with the Turkish language, but all the people are so kind and “warm-blooded”, that solving those issues becomes easy. Academically is hard, like any other excellent university, but culturally is very enriching. I come from Ecuador, a country that is very different in culture and I have to say that overall METU has provided me with the technical knowledge but also, a wide perspective of the mixture of cultures. As Türkiye, METU is the perfect combination of western and eastern influences and I am very happy that I was able to be part of it. 

 Adilet Talasbayev (Kazakhstan) - Physics - 4thYear

METU is where I feel belong. Its authentic atmosphere and culture within an excellent academic curricula make it unique. Affordable living price makes it easier to focus on your studies and doesn’t worry about irrelevant issues so that we can gain a high-quality education. And of course, the campus - it is fantastic. I am truly happy to have a chance to study here and experience everything that happened here.   

 Feyza Arberk (The United Kingdom) – Gender & Women’s Studies - Masters 

METU is not only an amazing university, but it is a place where you can freely express who you are and find who you want to become.

 Sina Samadi (Iran) - City and Regional Planning - 4th Year

ODTU Ankara Campus would be where you get the best oxygen in town and with its very walkable corridors, it simply creates a stunning and absolutely refreshing scene, that early autumn or spring morning when you're running through it to grab a coffee or tea before that 08:40 lecture in a faculty building full of character and genuine style. There you will get to be in touch with the best academic team in town, who will really help you out to learn and to orient in the field you take interest in. Having all that, along with other students at METU, one can gain a rather good understanding of Türkiye and Ankara. No one can deny though that there will be tough times and hardship while being a part of this fine establishment, then again, it would be one of the better places to spend times like that.

 Muhamad Abiyyu Ali Putra (Indonesia) - Civil Engineering - 3rd Year 

All of the teachers that I've encountered in METU so far are really qualified in their subject and they are really open to answering all of our questions very clearly. Trust me you won't regret the distance you've traveled from your own country to come here and get such a high quality of education that METU provides.

 Azer Hagverdiyev (Azerbaijan) - Mining Engineering - 3rd Year

METU is the place I feel valuable, free and happy.

 Reyhan Danu Rahman (Indonesia) - Computer Engineering - 4th Year

METU is like a city inside a city. In addition to the massive yet beautiful area of METU, it has everything you need as a "METU citizen", like the market, shopping center, restaurants, sports center, banks, barbers, and a lot more. Besides being the top university in Türkiye, METU also offers a bunch of clubs that you can join to explore your talents and interests further. I have no regret of being part of METU.

 Hassanin Risha (Egypt) - Geological Engineering - 3rd Year

METU teaches me how to be both a successful and open-minded student. Having great facilities at METU helps me to learn many experiences that I have never had before. Such an important experience is to be a wise student. In short, I am really proud of being a METU student.

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