International Students Office

Health Care Services

The first resort for students regarding their health and psychological problems is the Health and Guidance Center (HGC). Students apply with their Student ID Card to the Patient Reception Desk. The student's initial examination, tests, and treatment are carried out at the HGC within capacity and in accordance with the regulations. In cases which call for further examination, tests and treatment, state and university or private hospitals are resorted to. There is a treatment fee as determined by the Council of Higher Education. This fee must be paid for each visit to a physician. For detailed information, you can see

Health Insurance

Students have to have a valid health insurance during their stay in Turkey.

There is a governmental health insurance (General Health Insurance/GSS) which is strongly recommended by the university or they can have a private one.

In order to have GSS, students need to apply to the Social Security City Directorate or to the Social Security Center of the district in which the student resides within 3 months following their registration and after receiving their foreign national ID number. For the 2018 year, annual GSS premium is approximately 970 TL.

Students who do not apply for the GHI within the 3-month legal period for the application cannot benefit from this right afterward. Therefore, students are strongly advised not to ignore this procedure.

International students who have a valid health insurance in Turkey through their parents or by bilateral agreements are to submit a document proving this to the Migration Management. Information about Social Security City Directorates can be found on

Students who do not want to have GSS need to have a private health insurance.