Here are some important updates about your arrival and registration to ODTÜ:

Registration appointment:

The registrations will be between 10th and 14th of September. To prevent the long queues in the registration hall, we ask you to get an appointment from the link provided via email. It is important to get the appointment and come to the registration at your appointed time slot. So please pay the maximum level of attention and get your appointment.

If you are not able to get your equivalence letter from the Turkish Embassy in your country prior to your arrival in Ankara, you will need one day to go to the National Education Directorate in Ankara to get this letter. Because of these, these students are recommended not to get their appointment for the first two days (10th and 11th of September). Do not forget to get a copy of your original documents, as the Directorate may want to keep your original documents for the further procedures for a while.

The registration venue has changed and we will make the registrations in the Kümbet Hall in METU Cultural and Convention Center (KKM Kümbet Salonu).

Dorm application:

The updated application link for the dormitories is given below:

Please remember that filling in and submitting this form does not guarantee a place in the dorms. The allocation of the rooms will be made on the basis of your exam/diploma score and the number of available dorm rooms.

While filling the form, please consider the following notes:

- Your student ID is written on your acceptance letter.

- Please select "H" in the "Class" section.

- Please fill the birthplace section as (Your Country/City)

- You will write "2018" to "When did you enter METU?" section.

- You will write your exam score with which you have applied to METU to the "Your grade in entrance exams for METU" section.

- Other three boxes in the Grades section will stay empty.

English Proficiency Exam

As you know, if you do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score, you will be asked to take the university's English Proficiency Exam (EPE). Details about the English Proficiency Exemption are available in the guideline ( Here is a sample of the EPE prepared by the School of Foreign Languages

METU Mentor Facebook Page

For insider's tips and recommendations about being an international student at ODTÜ, you may visit and follow the Facebook page and group of the METU MENTOR initiative.

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