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Before Application

Can I apply to undergraduate programs once a year?

The international students can make applications for undergraduate programs once a year only for the fall semester. There is no intake for undergraduate programs for the spring semesters. 

When can I apply to the undergraduate programs?

Applications are received mostly around June and July. For the exact application dates for the upcoming year, you may follow this page:

What is the language of instruction at METU?

The language of instruction is 100% English at METU. 

Do I have to take SAT exam? Is it possible to apply with my diploma or my national exam score?
Please check our criteria list. We have more than 60 national criteria. If your national score satisfies the minimum criteria, you may apply with that score. However, you may still take SAT exam and apply with it or present it as an additional document to strengthen your application.

Do I have to take SAT Essay?

No. You do not have to take SAT Essay in applying to undergraduate programs in ODTÜ. However, if you have that score, you can attach it as an additional document to your application.

Does METU provide scholarships to International Students?

Our University provides tuition discounts or exemptions for international students according to their academic success. In order to benefit from discounts or exemptions, you do not need to make an application. Each year students are evaluated for discounts or exemptions according to their academic success. Those who get the right to benefit from discounts or exemptions are informed via e-mail. Apart from this, ODTÜ cannot provide any other scholarship to international students. Detailed information can be found here.

I have not obtained my high-school diploma yet. What should I do?

Applicants who have not graduated yet should bring an official document ("Transitory Graduation Certificate") from their high schools stating that they are expected to graduate by the end of that academic year. However, if your diploma will be your exam result at the same time, then you need to wait for the diploma result in order to apply.

If any quota is not filled, will the required minimum scores be lowered?

Under no condition, there will be a change in the minimum scores for application. 

Do I have to provide both SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject tests?

You can apply only with the SAT Reasoning exam or with the 3 SAT Subject Tests, which are relevant to the program you are applying for. 

My exam result or diploma grade is lower than the application requirement. Can I still apply?

Applications with lower scores than the application criteria are not accepted.

Does ODTÜ conduct YÖS? Do you accept YÖS results from other universities?

ODTÜ does not conduct YÖS exam and YÖS scores from the exams conducted by other universities are not accepted.

My exam/diploma score stated under Application Requirements will be announced after the application deadline. Can I still apply?

After the application deadline, any application will not be accepted. If you have this problem, we recommend you to take SAT exam and apply with the SAT score you get.

Which A-Level results do you accept?

We accept A-Levels given by Pearsons, Cambridge, and Oxford Exam Boards.

According to which criteria do you evaluate applications?
METU has a holistic approach to the evaluation of the applications. Applications are evaluated according to the applicant’s exam/diploma score and additional certificates if any.

Do you have any nationality-based quota?
No, we only have program-based quotas which are available here:

Can I send my documents to you before the application so that you can tell me my chance of acceptance?
No. Our application committee consisting of the faculty members decides about the applications and your chance of getting accepted may vary depending on the department you select, the number of students applying for that department and their exam scores. Therefore, other than the minimum criteria to be eligible for application, we cannot make a pre-evaluation. For these minimum criteria:

I want to apply for graduate programs (masters or Ph.D.). What should I do?

Applications to graduate programs are taken by the related graduate schools. See this FAQ sheet: You may also find the list of graduate programs and graduate schools in this link:

I want to study at ODTÜ as an exchange student. What should I do?
International Cooperations Office is managing the mobility of exchange students. You have to visit their website:

I want to study at ODTÜ as a special student and take some courses. What should I do?
For details about being a special student in ODTÜ, you may visit this website:

I want to transfer to ODTÜ. How can I apply?
The transfer applications from outside METU are taken once a year and that is for the fall semester. You can visit our website regarding the transfer applications:

I am a student with certain disabilities. Does METU offer any services for this?

METU has a unit especially for disabled students to facilitate their studies and adaptation to campus life. You can find the website of the unit and their services from the following website:

During Application

Does applying earlier than other applicants provide an advantage and vice versa?

No. As long as you apply within the announced online application dates, applying earlier or later than other applicants do not provide any advantage or cause a disadvantage to your application's evaluation.

Do I have to pay any application fee for applying to undergraduate programs?

Applicants should pay 55 USD as application fee.

Can I send my application documents via fax or e-mail?

Documents sent via fax or e-mail are not accepted. You need to upload the related documents to the online application program.

I am experiencing problems with the online application program. What should I do?

If you send an e-mail to the address given in the program, your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

I do not have any high school grade point average (such as GCE, WAEC). What will I write to the high school grade point average section of the application program?

You need to enter 0 (zero) to the high school grade point average section if you graduated from a high school with a GCE or WAEC system.

My high school grade point average is stated on my diploma. In this situation, do I need to send my high school transcripts?

You should also add your transcript and grade point average during the online application.

Can I apply with my expected/conditional GCE results?

Yes, it is possible to apply via expected A-Level results. Until provisional results come out, the status will be stated as "conditionally accepted" and, depending on the provisional results and minimum criterion for GCE A Level Results for the programs applied, the application results will be finalized as either rejection or acceptance.

My GCE A-level results will be announced after the application deadline. Can I apply with my AS-scores?

Yes, but only if the applicants upload the expected A-Level results document along with AS scores.

I do not have TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academy scores but I have studied my courses in English/have taken advanced English language courses during my studies in high school/ I have other documents that show my English level. Can I use them to be exempted from English preparatory year or compulsory English language courses?

No. You can only submit TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academy or METU's own proficiency exam score to be exempted from English preparatory year and compulsory English language courses. You can click here to see the minimum scores required from these exams for exemption.

Should I submit any document about Turkish proficiency?

You do not have to submit any document that is related to Turkish proficiency.

Are not-freezed applications taken into consideration?

Once you have entered the relevant information and uploaded the necessary documentation to the application program, you will need to freeze your application. Not-freezed applications are not evaluated.

I want to add some supportive documents to my application. How can I add those documents?

You can upload your supportive documents under the "Additional Certificates" section of the application program.

My documents are not in Turkish or English. Do I need to translate them?

Any document which is not Turkish or English must be translated to one of these languages and the translations must be uploaded to the system.

After Application

I am a METU student and my high-school diploma and transcript are in my file in the Registrar's Office. Should I resubmit these documents?

Applicants who are METU students need to get their high-school diploma and/or transcript and submit them with the other application documents.

What documents should I submit to apply for a residence permit?

You can check the website for the first application and extension application for a residence permit.

How do I apply for a student ID card?

You can check the website for student ID card applications.

When and where can I get a student certificate?

The student's certificate is given by the Registrar's Office after doing interactive registrations and receiving your advisor's approval.

When should I pay the tuition fee?

You need to pay the tuition fee before the interactive registrations.

How can I pay the tuition fee?

You can follow the website for payment processing.

What are the dormitory opportunities?

METU provides dormitory facilities for international students on campus. You can check the website for detailed information about the dormitories.

What should I do after I get a residence permit?

Once you have received your residence permit, you will need to provide your foreign identity number to International Student Office. For further information, please visit the website.

Do I have to make health insurance on my own?

According to the rules of the Directorate General of Migration Management, students must have health insurance during their stay in Türkiye. For more information, please visit the website.

Can international students get a work permit?

Undergraduate students may be granted work permits after the first year, provided that they do not exceed 24 hours per week. There are no restrictions for the graduate students. However, according to the relevant laws, international students cannot be employed as student assistants at our campus. Students who want to get a work permit need to apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

I face some problems regarding Student Portal, what can I do?
For your problems regarding Student Portal, you can send an email to

Do I need to bring my original documents to the registrations?
All students need to bring their original documents and copies of them to the registration.

Are certified copies accepted as original?
No, certified copies do not stand for original ones.

When should I apply for the residence permit?
Those who will apply for a residence permit for the first time, need to submit the required documents to the International Students Office within 30 days from the date of application. Those who want to extend their residence permit or who have an existing one need send their documents to the Provincial Directorate Migration Management before their existing residence permits expire.

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