There will be a session for online application for the residence permit for newly admitted students on 2nd of October. As you know you need to make the online application before your visa or visa exemption period ends.

The session place is in the 2nd Dorm 2nd and 3rd PC Rooms.

If you did not make your application so far we recommend you to attend this session. To attend the session you need to take appointment from There will be 5 different sessions. You can click on Select A Time and choose your preference. Then click on Register and Checkout on the new window. After that enter your name, surname and email adress, and click on Complete Register. For the session bring your passports and home or dorm address with you.

For residence permit you need to collect the documents stated on If you collect the documents till 2nd of October you can bring them to the session and submit to us. Or later you can submt them to the office within 30 days after making the online application.

PS: If you have laptop connected to METU Network you can bring it with you.

Last Updated:
28/09/2018 - 12:06